Easy Clean Guillotine System

Product Features:

Easy clean guillotine system in the product Zahit Aluminium, can be vertically opened and closed by remote control and is also used as a balcony railing. Providing “four-season balcony delight”, our company’s “patented” product is widely preferred in residences, villas, patios, cafeterias, winter gardens, terraces, and restaurants. Offering the possibility to combine single-glazing or double-glazing, the easy clean guillotine system provides its users with the pleasure of a comfortable environment with anodized & RAL color options. While it is a glass wall when closed, the system is used as a railing after opening automatically with a single button. Only cleaned in the railing position for safety reasons, this product can be easily cleaned by opening the panels with special design handles on the sides of the inner panel. One of the most important features of the product is that it prevents the risk of hand entrapment thanks to the movable upper railing profile. It also ensures full protection in rainy weather with high-density brush weatherstrips and gaskets."