AT6500 Insulated Window and Door System

Product Features:

Manufacturing in global standards, Zahit Aluminium continues its operations with a production approach that incorporates product diversity and high technologies. AT6500 insulated window and door system in the product Zahit Aluminium, introduces innovative solutions to buildings. Bringing a modern and aesthetical atmosphere to architectural projects, AT6500 insulated window and door system have the following features and advantages:

System details in compliance with Euro standards. 2mm aluminium profile wall thickness. 3-chambered body and sash profiles with thermal insulation. 65mm body thickness. 77mm sash thickness. 20mm PVC thermal barrier thickness. Sash overlap and EPDM weatherstrip design for more rigid insulation solutions. Insulation supported with EPDM rubber gaskets. Solutions supporting up to 28mm thickness in glass system. Possibility of tilt & turn and sliding sash opening. Rigid connection thanks to the press angle joint used on 45-degree body joint. Quality and ease of use of GIESSE brand in the accessories that you can get from us. Ability to get electrostatic coated (RAL) and anodized surfaces. Ease of manufacturing and mounting."