W75+ Insulated Window and Door System

Product Features:

The architectural system Zahit Aluminium which is known in Türkiye for its quality, system diversity, and the importance it attaches to research and development, makes investments in R&D to become a leader in window, door, facade, glass balcony, winter garden, and solar technology and is a key player in all areas of the construction and renovation sector. W55+, W65+, W75+, and eco sliding window series offers a wide range of features from profiles for various windows and other elements to various opening styles. Starting from 45mm and reaching up to 75mm in depth, Zahit Aluminium systems can offer high insulation feature with the use of special insulation barriers. W55+, W65+, and W75+ are the most preferred insulated systems of this series which is known by different names according to various body profile depths. The innovative hinge concept, created in Euro standards for use in Zahit Aluminium systems, is designed to be perfectly compatible with  Zahit Aluminium window and door system. Zahit Aluminium also offers a rich variety of accessories for doors. In addition to standard door applications, high insulation is provided with the sill profiles that have a highly aesthetic look. Concealed hinges are also aesthetically pleasing especially for architects and end users. There is a variety of door handles to meet all technical and aesthetical expectations. In addition to highly attractive home entrance doors with a modern look, Zahit Aluminium also offers additional accessories and remote control systems that only open and close with fingerprint and by recognizing identified users. The range of systems includes joinery that offer a clear view with straight lines, outward and inward-opening doors and windows using all the advantages of modern aluminium systems, windows that combine high thermal insulation with traditional wooden look, joinery that provide concealed sashes, joinery that respond to high sound & thermal insulation demands with double-sash window system and can be fitted with blinds inside the sashes, folding doors & windows, and sliding systems. Sliding systems have been designed for use in projects that require large apertures, plenty of light, and various design options. Non-insulated systems used for indoors offer extremely high-quality, safe, and economic solutions with many options that enable custom design.

Technical Specifications:

Body Depth: 75mm

Sash Depth: 83mm

Profile Wall Thickness: 1.5mm - 2mm

Maximum Glass Thickness: 58mm

Thermal Barrier: 36mm

Thermal Insulation Value (Uf): 1.8W/m²K