Enviromental Policy

"Seeing the environment as a significant value that will be beneficial to the present and future generations, Zahit Aluminium aims to protect this value with the policies it pursues. Respecting the environment and nature in a globalized world, prioritizing the environmental health, and aiming for the reduction of carbon emission values through green production, our company operates as an organization that uses natural resources in production processes and reduces waste.

Within this scope, it focuses on versatile solutions in the works carried out by the environmental unit in cooperation with the R&D Center. These solutions mainly include the calculation of carbon footprint in production, energy efficiency, waste heat conversion, waste raw material utilization projects, and clean & efficient water use.

Zahit Aluminium adopts an environmental approach in various stages of the production process. The company meets some of its energy needs in its manufacturing plants through its solar power system, and recycles the waste generated after the production. Our company also has a “Waste Management Plan” approved by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change, and the generated hazardous waste is sent to the licensed disposal facilities and disposed without harming the environment."