FW60 Folding System

Product Features:

FW60 folding system in the product Zahit Aluminium, are often preferred with the benefits they provide to the areas where they are used. Offering great convenience to users with the comfort of access between indoors and outdoors, these systems have been designed with the feature of sliding & folding the sash profiles and stacking them aside. Used in residences, villas, terraces, and restaurants, FW60 folding system have the following advantages: Sashes can be opened and closed easily thanks to the wheels and rails specially designed for folding window and door systems. Easy to manufacture and mount. Sill and non-sill body options provide the lowest sill height for a comfortable and aesthetical shift. It allows for saving some space with the ability to stack all sashes to the right or left. High-density brush weatherstrips and gaskets provide the possibility of uninterrupted insulation. FW 60 folding system have the following technical specifications: Body width 60mm, sash width 60mm, profile wall thickness 1.5mm-2.5mm, maximum sash width 800mm, maximum sash height 2500mm, glass 4mm-32mm.