FW77+ Insulated Folding System

Product Features:

FW77+ insulated folding system in the product Zahit Aluminium, is an excellent solution for access between indoors and outdoors. Designed with the feature of stacking aside by sliding and folding the sash profiles, these systems are widely used in residences, villas, terraces, and restaurants. FW77+ insulated folding system has the following features:

Ability to apply in large and high apertures. (Max. sash dimensions: 120x350cm) Thanks to the high-quality rollers with undercarriage, it opens and closes by sliding smoothly and easily. It has the lowest sill height for a comfortable and aesthetical shift. It offers the advantage of saving some space with the ability to stack all sashes to the right or left. High thermal insulation is achieved with polyamide thermal barriers. High-density brush weatherstrips and gaskets provide uninterrupted insulation comfort.