LS4500 Insulated Sliding System

Product Features:

LS4500 insulated sliding system in the product Zahit Aluminium, brings life to spaces with its modern and aesthetical aspects. Standing out with its polyamide-aluminium combined sash-clamp profile design that minimizes heat transmission, LS4500 insulated sliding system is preferred because of the following features and advantages: Thanks to the same profiles used horizontally and vertically, it offers the ability to minimize wastage in manufacturing. Thanks to its improved body design, it has profiles with removable rail channels without the need for using closing rails. Its body profile design enables to mount a steel or aluminium rail that makes the sash easier to slide. Different accessories for 90kg and 180kg sashes provide convenience. Various alternatives with handle profile that can be mounted on the existing sash profile. Aesthetical sash profiles offered with or without glazing bead options. The privilege of a newly-designed drain cover that allows for water evacuation while not letting in any wind. Sash profile suitable for lift & slide and sliding openings. Insulation supported with EPDM rubber gaskets. Multi-point locking ability in embedding handle and axial handle applications. Quality and ease of use of GIESSE brand in the accessories that you can supply from us. Ability to get electrostatic coated (RAL) and anodized surfaces. It combines the comfort of manufacturing and mounting.