ST7700 Insulated Sliding System

Product Features:

As one of the leading corporations in the aluminium industry, Zahit Aluminium is one of the “top 100 most promising companies” contributing to the national economy. ST7700 insulated sliding system in the product of Zahit Aluminium, which keeps growing with new technological investments, bring a “modern, comfortable, and aesthetic” atmosphere to buildings.

ST7700 insulated sliding system with 77mm body thickness, 50mm sash thickness, and 15mm PVC thermal barrier thickness have the following features: Body-sash alternatives suitable for use in larger apertures. Polyamide-aluminium combined sash-clamp profile design that minimizes heat transmission. Ability to minimize wastage in manufacturing thanks to the same profiles used horizontally and vertically. Insulation supported with EPDM rubber gaskets. Quality and ease of use of GIESSE, a significant brand in the accessories industry that you can supply from us. Ability to get electrostatic coated (RAL) and anodized surfaces. Ease of manufacturing and mounting. You can check this page for detailed information about our products.