What Are Insulated Folding Systems? What Are Theır Propertıes?

What Are Insulated Folding Systems? What Are Theır Propertıes?

Providing freedom of access between indoors and outdoors, insulated folding systems are an extremely useful and aesthetical solution for residences, villas, terraces, cafeterias, and restaurants. Allowing for use in wide and high apertures, insulated folding systems can be opened & closed easily and smoothly thanks to their high-quality rollers with undercarriage. It also offers a larger living space with the ability to stack all sashes to the right or left. Offering uninterrupted thermal insulation with its high-density brush weatherstrips and gaskets, these systems claim to be your window opening to a comfortable life. You can use the insulated folding systems and embrace the freedom with the quality of Zahit Aluminium-Vetrina, the leading name of Europe, Türkiye, and the Middle East region in aluminium manufacturing for long years.

Heat-Insulated Folding Systems aim to improve your living spaces. It is an unparalleled choice for those who want to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest especially in spring and summer, and who want to be in touch with the sky even in rainy weather in winter instead of getting stuck inside four walls. Manufactured from premium-quality aluminium profile, Vetrina Insulated Folding Systems offer the advantage of safety and insulation. We have gaskets specially manufactured for the mounting of glass panels. Thanks to the superior insulation it provides, you will save significant amount of energy. Insulated Folding Systems are an important factor that enhances a building. That is why many people prefer these systems even if for investment purposes.

Materials Used in Insulated Folding Systems

Materials used in the insulated folding glass balcony systems, which are used to expand the living spaces and to provide a superior comfort in both homes and workplaces, are of great importance in terms of durability and energy efficiency. The criteria to be considered at this point are listed below:

1 – Aluminium Profile

Aluminium is the most popular construction material since it is both durable and lightweight. The fact that it is rustproof and does not conduct heat is one of the factors that make aluminium the ideal material for insulated folding systems. Aluminium provides various advantages such as ease of mounting, long-term use, and energy saving.

2 – Glass

When choosing the glass that you will use on your folding glass balcony, you need to make sure that it is safe and thick. You can use double-glazing to prevent heat loss and to maintain sound insulation.

3 – Silicone

Silicone is used to fill the gap between the aluminium profile and the glass. The choice of silicone is important in terms of durability and functionality.

4 – Windlocks

Windlocks prevent the wind from reaching the open part of the window. And this increases your living comfort. Stainless steel or aluminium must be used for windlocks.

5 – Solar Control Film

In summer, using solar control films against solar rays will reduce the heat intake of your balcony or terrace. In this way, you can protect yourself from the harmful UV rays radiating from the sun and prevent the fading of your furniture.

Insulated Folding System Prices

There are some factors that determine the prices of insulated folding systems which allow us to enjoy the sky to the fullest without being affected by the unfavorable weather conditions outside. The first is the quality of the material used. The size and thickness of the glass to be used also affect the costs. Transport costs can also have an impact on the prices. One of the most important factors that determine the costs is the thermal insulation. Zahit Aluminium and Vetrina have been meeting all of your aluminium-related requirements at the desired quality, at the desired time, and at affordable prices for long years. You may contact us for up-to-date and exact information about the prices of insulated folding systems.

Insulated Folding System Properties

The structure of the insulated folding glass balcony systems, which stand out with their aesthetical look and ease of use, consists of glass sheets and aluminium profiles. Thanks to its thermal insulation feature, it does not let in cold air and provides energy saving. In hot summer months, sun-blocking films let you enjoy the sun without the adverse effects of hot weather. Thanks to its superior sound insulation, you can protect yourself from the disturbing noises of the city and enjoy the peace.

The fact that it is folding lets you have a larger living space. Glass panels can be easily opened and closed.

Mounting and installation can be easily completed within a short time. It is very easy to clean and to maintain. It is an investment that increases the value of your home or workplace in the long term. It promises a long-lasting use.

Considering all these features, we see that it is the most aesthetical and easiest way to transform the winter gardens, terraces, and balconies. It is an unrivaled solution for those who want a life in touch with the nature and the sky, and who like spaciousness and roominess.