What Is Composıte Panel? How Much Does It Cost?

What Is Composıte Panel? How Much Does It Cost?

Composite panel is a type of construction material created by coating both surfaces of the plastic material called polyethylene with aluminium sheets. Enabling to coat with various materials such as marine plywood, aluminium plate, and natural wood veneer, composite panels are among the most preferred construction materials because of such properties. Both surfaces of composite panels are made of aluminium in various thicknesses such as 0.21mm, 0.30mm, and 0.50mm. The intermediate member is made of non-toxic and eco-friendly polyethylene. As the standing leader of Europe, Türkiye, and the Middle East region in aluminium manufacturing, Zahit Aluminium explained the matters such as “what is composite panel, composite panel prices per square meter, and second-class composite panel prices” for you.

Often used in areas such as shopping malls, subway stations, hotels, and banks, composite panels are also the most preferred construction material in curtain wall/cladding processes for outdoors. They are also widely used in decoration and billboards.

As one of the most popular construction materials not only in our country but also worldwide, composite panels have become a must for decoration since they make buildings look more aesthetical, contemporary, and stylish. They help the building get rid of its outdated look especially when used in the renovation and restoration works of old buildings."

"Why Composite Panel?

One of the most important reasons why Composite Panels are preferred this much is that they are both light and robust… Composite panels can be safely used for long years without needing any repair. Easily shaped because of its flexible structure, this material is also extremely resistant to natural conditions and physical impacts. Providing sound and thermal insulation in addition to all these, composite panels are also preferred since they are easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. They also offer significant advantages in terms of decoration and style. You can choose these composite panels, which are available in different colors, in line with your own concept.

Composite Panel Mounting

Composite panels are brought in plates to the site where they will be mounted. Manufactured in standard sizes of 1.259mm x 3.200mm, composite panels can be easily made ready for mounting thanks to their flexible structure. Large machinery needed for the construction materials such as stone, concrete, and iron is not required for the mounting of composite panels. Composite panels brought to the mounting site are coated with protective plastic material to prevent any damage during transport. They are extremely easy and effortless to mount.

Aluminium Composite Panel Usage Areas

Aluminium composite panels with an extremely wide range of uses are used both outdoors and indoors. Curtain wall/cladding is one of the most common areas of use of composite panels. They are often used in subway stations, shopping malls, hotels, banks, restored buildings, billboards, and decoration.