AFC50 Covered Facade System

Product Features:

AFC50 covered facade system in the product Zahit Aluminium, bring an excellent aesthetical design to buildings with their modern lines. Technical specifications of these systems, which are often used in the industry with a variety of body profiles that can offer different static solutions for each project, are as follows: 2.0 and 1.6mm aluminium profile wall thickness, ability to use decorative cover, 50mm body thickness, single-glazing (4-10mm and double-glazing 20-30mm) applicability, insulation supported with EPDM rubber gaskets, ability to apply outward-opening sashes to any space, ability to apply inward-opening sashes to any space, building a semi-covered curtain wall system with gasket application on horizontal or vertical profiles, the quality and ease of use of GIESSE brand in the accessories that you can supply from us, ability to get electrostatic coated (RAL) and anodized surfaces, ease of manufacturing and mounting.