F50 Covered Facade System

Product Features:

  • F50 classical covered facade system has been built with profiles with an interior and exterior width of 50mm to meet sectoral demands.
  • In line with architectural aesthetics, the depths of the covers visible from outside can vary. Covers can also be designed in various forms. Interior design profile depths can be changed considering the static requirements, and this structure makes it possible to create aesthetical differences.
  • F50 classical covered facade system has a wide range of profiles in terms of static values. It has been designed to solve the glass gaps from 4mm to 40mm in terms of the required heat, light, and acoustic values.
  • For the need for fresh air, all of our sash forms are offered with transom, parallel, and tilt & turn (concealed) opening alternatives not to be seen from outside, especially in residential areas. Thanks to its exclusive design in terms of performance qualities, the sashes can be fixed on 4 sides. Interior facade solutions such as doors and windows are also available.
  • System profiles are used in accessories and mechanisms, and an in-glass spacer system called “Eco System” has been developed. All the qualities of F50 classical covered facade system are also applicable to Eco System. It offers economic solutions in this regard.

Technical Specifications:

Profile widths: 50mm

Profile wall thickness: 1.5-2mm

Vertical carrier depth: min. 40mm – max. 220mm

Horizontal carrier depth: min. 20mm – max. 205mm

Body profile height: 40.3mm

Sash profile height: 22mm

Thermal barrier: 12-16mm

Glass thickness: min. 6mm – max. 40mm