F60 Structural Silicone Facade System

Product Features:

  • Designed differently from many similar systems in the industry, F60 silicone facade system has been designed by considering the parameters of optimum efficiency and easy manufacturing & mounting.
  • Interior design horizontal and vertical carrier profiles are 60mm. This quality allows the workspace and mounting range to be solved more easily in the system mechanics. Mounting tolerance ranges are better.
  • Vertical and horizontal profiles can be used in the special condensate system. While fixed and sash openings can be solved with the same profiles, wide range of profiles are offered in terms of thermal performance values.
  • Thanks to its sash design, the rod movement can be transferred to the 4 sides of the sash especially in large sashes, and this helps to get high efficiency from the system.

Technical Specifications:

Profile widths: 60mm

Profile wall thickness: 1.5-2mm

Vertical-horizontal carrier depths: min. 5.8mm – max. 180mm

Sash profile height: 26.5mm

Thermal barrier: 12mm

Glass thickness: min. 20mm – max. 38mm