What Advantages Do Facade and Skylight Systems Provide?

What Advantages Do Facade and Skylight Systems Provide?

Facade and skylight systems include natural lighting, energy efficiency, comfort and aesthetics in contemporary architectural projects.

These systems, which take their name from the word "skylight", which means "light reflected from the sky" in English, generally aim to make more use of daylight.

Where are Facade and Skylight Systems Used?

Facade and skylight systems, which stand out with their natural light and spaciousness, are widely preferred in high-ceilinged shopping malls, cafeterias, hospitals, exhibition palaces, hotels, indoor pools, sports halls, winter gardens or entrance sections of buildings.

Zahit Aluminum, one of the leading companies in the country with its potential in the aluminum sector, offers economic and professional solutions to users with its facade and skylight system options.

High Energy Savings

The advantages of facade and skylight systems with a wide range of products can be listed as follows:

  • Buildings with high ceilings are illuminated by sunlight during the day.
  • High energy savings are achieved with natural lighting.
  • Excellent in safe heat, moisture and water insulation.
  • It adds value to the space with its decorative, sky view and spacious environment.
  • Resistant to external influences such as cold and heat.
  • It does not deteriorate, wear and tear for a lifetime.
  • Smoke evacuation or ventilation windows can be opened when necessary.
  • Since it does not require maintenance, it can also be used in residences and villas.
  • It is practical to apply and manufacture.

How to Apply Skylight?

For the application of facade and skylight systems, a comprehensive project is first designed by engineers according to the needs of the building. Steel constructions are used as the main carrier materials in the project. In practice, a second carcass is formed with aluminum profiles. Glass or polycarbonate sheet is mounted inside the carcass.

What should be considered in the system?

Seasonal conditions of the region where the application will be made should be taken into consideration during the project phase. It may be necessary to clean the structure in winter or rainy days. In such cases, attention should be paid to the selection of quality materials so that the floor is not slippery and does not freeze. In addition, images that will disrupt the general texture of the building should be avoided.

Zahit Aluminum's facade and skylight systems suitable for every project, which you can review on our website, are as follows:

  • AFS 50 silicone facade system
  • ASR 65 steel reinforced facade system
  • ASEF 50 clip-on silicone facade system
  • SKY 72 skylight system
  • ASL 500 skylight system
  • F50 clamshell facade system
  • F60 Structural Silicone Facade System
  • AFC 50 clamshell facade system