What are the Features of Aluminum Sliding Systems?

What are the Features of Aluminum Sliding Systems?

What are the Features of Aluminum Sliding Systems?

Aluminum sliding systems are widely preferred in today's modern architectural projects. These systems, which are used in doors and windows with their light, durable and aesthetic designs, add value to living spaces with their multiple advantages.

Sliding systems, which open and close easily and take up less space than the known hinge system, make spaces comfortable thanks to their energy saving, sound and heat insulation features.

Zahit Alüminyum, which operates in the energy, construction, automotive, defense industry, electrical-electronics, medical, furniture and advertising sectors with its rich product range, explained what is curious about "sliding systems".

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Sliding Systems?

Aluminum sliding systems, which have become indispensable parts of housing projects with their qualities such as severe wind load resistance, sound and heat insulation, rainwater impermeability, raise living standards with the warm and bright atmosphere they create in the areas where they are applied. Complementing architectural designs with their long-lasting, spacious, healthy, practical and aesthetic aspects, sliding systems bring a different meaning to applications with their high-level performance.

The benefits of innovative sliding systems produced by the expert teams at Zahit Aluminum R&D Center in a unique style in line with the needs can be listed as follows:

  • Provides energy efficiency thanks to its insulation properties.
  • Sound, vibration and water ingress risks are at minimum level.
  • Creates an aesthetic appearance in architectural areas.
  • It is a robust and safe solution for buildings.
  • Takes up less space compared to the hinge system.
  • It offers the opportunity to use spaces efficiently.
  • Increases the level of illumination with the privilege of wide vision.
  • Costs are reduced due to energy savings.
  • It is resistant to effects such as cold or heat and has a long service life

How to Use Aluminum Sliding Systems?

Aluminum sliding systems provide a wide viewing angle to the spaces. In these systems, it is possible to open and close the wings with a single move without any difficulty. Sliding systems, which work by sliding the glass panels parallel to each other, are very simple and practical to use. The important thing is the correct application. The system can be moved as desired with the help of the handles located under the panels, on the right or left side. In the meantime, care should be taken to prevent the panels from hitting other objects. Regular maintenance of the systems is also important. Cleaning of sliding mechanisms and glass panels should not be neglected.

Where Can Sliding Systems Be Used?

Aluminum is an ideal raw material in many areas of industry due to its light weight, resistance to corrosion and weather conditions. In this context, aluminum sliding systems offer ideal economic solutions with their applicability to wide openings and heights, customizable and customizable content and design options. Due to these qualities, sliding systems are significantly evaluated in areas such as housing projects, winter gardens, cafes, restaurants, hotels and offices. Sliding door and window systems, whose wings can be opened easily and require less maintenance, contribute to the creation of spacious spaces. These systems, which have many alternatives such as sliding folding, folding system, sliding, opening, double opening, outward opening, do not cause environmental pollution during the production phase and can be transformed when necessary.

Curiosities in Aluminum Sliding Systems

Consumers want to learn more about aluminum sliding systems that make living spaces different. The answers to some of the questions about sliding systems that are wide and unobstructed, bringing spaces together with plenty of natural light can be explained as follows:

How to Maintain?

Maintenance of sliding systems is very practical and easy. Regular maintenance of the rails and other mechanical parts is sufficient for the system to run smoothly.

How Long Does It Take to Assemble?

Installation time may vary depending on the size and details of the project.

How Long Is Their Lifespan?

With regular maintenance and proper use, aluminum sliding systems can be used for years.

What are the Color Options?

Sliding systems can be designed with color options suitable for building aesthetics and personal tastes.

What Kind of Buildings Can It Be Used For?

It can be used in commercial and residential projects, offices, hotels and large glass areas.

How Resistant Is It Against Sunlight?

Aluminum sliding systems are corrosion resistant. It is extremely resistant to sunlight. They exhibit a high level of performance even in humid areas such as seaside.

Are the Systems Environmentally Friendly?

These systems are environmentally friendly in terms of energy efficiency and recyclability.

What are the Glass Types Used in the Systems?

Designed according to different glass types, aluminum sliding systems are compatible with single or double glazing, laminated glass and more.

What is the Energy Efficiency of the Systems?

These systems provide a great deal of energy efficiency with their qualified insulation features.

How are the Prices of the Systems Determined?

The prices of aluminum sliding systems can vary according to many factors such as market conditions, labor and raw material costs, product quality and functionality.

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