Zahit Aluminum Increases Efficiency with "Lean Leaders"

Zahit Aluminum Increases Efficiency with "Lean Leaders"

Zahit Alüminyum trained "lean leaders" with the Learn-Transition Program carried out at the Adana Model Factory in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and Adana Chamber of Industry (ADASO). In the program, which was carried out to increase productivity in industry and accelerate digital transformation, the lean production competencies of the personnel were developed. In this way, the company aims to achieve high rates of productivity increase and savings.

New Perspective on Efficiency and Savings

The 1st and 2nd Learn-Turn Program, which was implemented at Adana Model Factory in order to support the value-added production process free from waste in enterprises, was successfully completed. In the trainings given by experts, the "lean leaders" of 7 companies, including Zahit Alüminyum, gained a new perspective on efficiency and savings.,

Launch of the Learn-Turn Program

Adana Model Factory 1st and 2nd Learn-Turn Program was introduced at Adana Industrial Campus. Hülya Öztoprak Yılmaz, Deputy General Director of Strategic Research and Productivity of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, İsrafil Uçurum, ADASO Assembly Chairman, Bora Kocaman, Secretary General and company representatives attended the organization.

76 percent Productivity Increase in Enterprises

Hülya Öztoprak Yılmaz, Deputy Director General for Strategic Research and Productivity at the Ministry of Industry and Technology, stated that enterprises can reduce their costs by increasing their efficiency in production processes. Pointing out that model factories are the most ideal application areas to increase productivity, Yılmaz noted that in these centers, how productivity can be achieved from "labor and raw materials" by using lean technologies is taught "theoretically and practically". Reminding that over 420 Learn-Turn Programs have been completed in 8 model factories, Yılmaz said that they have observed productivity increases of up to 76 percent. Deputy General Manager Hülya Öztoprak Yılmaz added that "lean transformation support" was put into practice for SMEs wishing to benefit from the model factory.

We Saved Over 200 Million TL

Adana Chamber of Industry (ADASO) Assembly Chairman İsrafil Uçurum, in his speech, explained that more than 60 companies they serve with the "model factory" project have achieved savings of over 200 million liras.Bora Kocaman, Secretary General of ADASO, stated that they have created a center that will provide important support to companies.Emphasizing that the water laboratory and energy efficiency center will contribute to the "digital and green transformation" that companies have to implement in the next 5 years, Kocaman asked industrialists and business people to make more use of this center, which will be able to serve Adana 30 years from now on.

The Amount of Products Controlled Increased by 189 Tons Annually

Gülçin Sarı, Laboratory Supervisor at Zahit Alüminyum Kimya, explained that within the framework of the program, they optimized the anodizing final quality control process and increased their operational efficiency in production. Gülçin Sarı stated that with the Return to Learn Program, the average annual increase in the controlled product was 189 tons, savings of 770 thousand TL and the return on investment period was realized in less than 4 months, and listed the gains of the training as follows:

  • Shadowing studies were carried out in the field.
  • Holistic and systematic action against problems was ensured by learning the use of diagnostic tools and using problem solving methodology in applications.
  • A model project and lean transformation culture began to emerge for other processes within the factory and for improvements to be made in other facilities.
  • With value stream mapping, the bottleneck was identified as anodizing final quality control. The working order and layout at the bottleneck station were redesigned to eliminate the bottleneck.
  • Autonomous maintenance was created for anodizing.
  • Anodizing final quality control was the bottleneck; improvement works were carried out according to productivity calculations.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) were prepared for hanger clamping.
  • The process was optimized with various kaizen studies.
  • Teamwork spirit and cooperation competencies were increased with the project.
  • Significant progress was made in terms of continuous development within the team.

After the speeches, certificates were presented to the company representatives who received lean production training.